Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reddit Redux

Reddit's CEO comes clean:
In an interview with Recode Decode, Huffman stated that his editing of other users’ comments was initially done “in the spirit of fun,” considering it to be nothing more than a prank. “I figured, I’m just going to mess with these bullies, and I actually have the capability of messing with them, so I’ll do so,” said Huffman. “I wanted to do something. I didn’t do the right thing, but that was my mentality.”

Reddit users considered Huffman’s covert editing to be such a betrayal of unwritten trust between the CEO and site users that some even called for him to step down as CEO of the company. Huffman said that users questioning whether previous comments on the site had been edited was “devastating” to him and that he knows that he will have to work to rebuild trust within the Reddit community.
Alienating your users wasn't the smartest executive decision in the world...

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