Saturday, December 17, 2016

Spending City Limits

Rand Paul wants to know what Republicans will do about the elephant in the room:
“It’s largely why I chose to run for office,” responded Paul. “The Bush administration went from $5 trillion debt, to $10 trillion debt over eight years. It really bothered me that Republicans became big spenders. I don’t want that to happen again.”

“The other problem is that when you look at the budget, two-thirds of it is entitlements, and a third is non-entitlements,” continued Paul. “Most people only look at the third. But if you eliminate the third, which is military and non-military — and I’m not proposing we do that — but if you eliminated it completely you still don’t balance, because entitlements are growing so rapidly.”

Paul believes that in order to make any positive change in the budget, then entitlements will really have to face some changes. He worries, however, that Trump may not be so willing to go along with him in shrinking the largest growing problem in our spending.
Waste is waste, no matter who's in charge...

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