Monday, December 12, 2016

Taking It In The Knees

Yes, Kaepernick's antics hurt NFL ratings:
Roberts explains how counter-intuitive, yet real the “Kaepernick effect” has become. Roberts says, “At first blush it may be hard to believe a small personal act that takes place before games even begin is causing people to boycott the league. And as many outlets wrote early on, there was no hard evidence that any significant number of people were boycotting their watching of the NFL because of their outrage at the protests.”

Nonetheless, Roberts then quotes hard evidence which proves precisely that. Roberts writes, “In late October, a poll of 841 adults by phone (conducted by the Sharkey Institute at Seton Hall University) found that when asked to weigh in on seven possible contributing factors to the NFL ratings decline, 56% of respondents said “yes” to the anthem protests as a factor. The respondents were asked to respond yes or no to each factor separately, rather than rank the importance of each factor. More people said yes to the protests than any other factor; the second-highest was the distraction of the presidential election.”

Roberts continues, “Seton Hall conducted another poll the next month, and asked the question a little differently. The new findings again point to player protests. Of 913 people surveyed by phone, 23% said they are watching fewer NFL games.
The NFL's game is way off...

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