Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Art Of Denim

He's a blue jeans master:
Berry is the king of denim jeans—a medium that most people usually wear right out, throw away, or dare we say, turn into jorts (we’re looking at you, Brooklyn hipsters). Like paint, denim is in great supply—and comes in a range of blues and other colors, so Berry need not look far to find his next source.
Says Berry of his works:
“I strive for photorealist perfection and it’s amazing how denim can aid with this … I get a lot of jeans donated to me and I tend to use the ones that have the most character within them so, in a sense, that pair almost becomes my palette.”
Berry has found fame the world over for his denim art, and recently had a solo exhibition in London in November. He’s also attracted the interest of famous fans, including Debbie Harry (who commissioned a portrait) and fashion icon Giorgio Armani.
Blue jeans aren't just for wearing anymore...

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