Monday, December 19, 2016

The Gay Nose

Rudolph reindeer?
Moylan sets up his argument like this:

The film starts in the North Pole, where traditional gender roles are quickly reinforced. Mrs. Claus does all the cooking and nags her husband about not eating enough. The elves, identical in shape and apparel, are at work on Santa’s toys, the boys wearing blue and the girls wearing pink. Rudolph is born to Donner, who immediately hates his son’s red nose and thinks that something so different will keep him from leading a heterosexual life where he pulls Santa’s sleigh and marries a nice doe someday.
So in an effort to find acceptance, the Vulture writer submitted, Rudolph “heads off into the wilderness to live alone.” But it is there he meets a colorful little elf named Hermey, who Moylan describes like this:

The only elf with any hair, and it’s a flamboyant blond wave. He also has especially red lips, a feminine-shaped face, and eyelashes any doll in Santa’s workshop would be jealous of. He speaks with a Paul Lynde cadence, as if his ascot is tied on a little too tight. He’s also signaled as different by his professional aspirations: He wants to be a dentist rather than a toy maker.


Unlike Rudolph, Hermey refuses to live in the closet, so he leaves Santa’s workshop and heads to the wilderness himself to open up his own dental practice.
In the woods, Moylan wrote, Hermey and Rudolph encounter the “lumbersexual” Yukon Cornelius, “an older, hirsute gay man who embraces an over-the-top masculinity, despite being gay.”
I'd hate to see what he makes of the abominable snowman character...

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