Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This Is...A Racist News Network

CNN is going to court:
THR reports that a California appeals court reversed the lower court’s ruling on Tuesday:

A divided panel at California’s second appellate district takes a review, and despite some case law that indicates staffing decisions by media companies can be linked inextricably with the content of news, and notwithstanding an amicus brief by CBS and others, associate justice Elwood Lui delivers the majority opinion that Wilson is correct in his SLAPP assessment.

“Undoubtedly, a producer or writer shapes the way in which news is reported,” writes Lui. “Thus, defendants‘ choice of who works as a producer or writer is arguably an act in furtherance of defendants‘ right of free speech. But this does not mean that defendants‘ alleged discrimination and retaliation against plaintiff—a long-term, well-reviewed existing employee that CNN had already deemed qualified and acceptable to shape its news reporting—was also an act in furtherance of its speech rights.”

The court’s reversal comes as CNN was hit with another racial discrimination lawsuit this week.
Employee lives matter!

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