Sunday, January 01, 2017

Pop Goes The Bridge

The story of the unbuilt bridge:
The project was called the “Screwarch Bridge,” and it was just that—a design of two massive screws, one on either shore, that were bent in an arch so the narrow tips would meet at an anchor point in the center of the bridge.
The now 87-year-old Oldenburg is considered one of the great Pop Artists, but his artistic career started as a child obsessed with drawing, one who used his imagination and drafting talents to create his own country, Neubern.
No doubt influenced by his diplomat father, the young Oldenburg--who was born in Sweden but grew up largely in Chicago and became an American citizen in 1953--crafted a country from scratch complete with houses and cars, residents, and even a navy and an air force.
“I spent a lot of time drawing,” he told Interview in 2015.
Well, they're drawing, and then there's actually doing. Some bridges are burned before they're crossed...

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