Thursday, March 16, 2017

Enter Program, Stage Right

Welcome to robot theater:
'Spillikin' features a 'RoboThespian' who talks, displays facial expressions, blinks, moves its hands, turns its head, and has even been described as "affectionate".

The play, starring Judy Norman, tells a story about a robot maker who builds a robot to keep his wife company after he dies.

Cornwall-based Pipeline Theatre , which has worked with robotics company Engineered Arts for the project, is touring across England.

The idea for the play came when the robot maker, who has been making robots for 10 years, approached the local theatre company and offered them the chance to use one of his 'incredible creations'.

"We have pre-programmed every single thing the robot says and every single thing the robot does, all the moves," writer and director Jon Welch said.

"So the robot will always say the same thing and move in the same way depending on what cue is being triggered at what particular time."
He's no Calculon, but many careers have begun on the stage...

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