Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Not So Huge

The Trump tax cuts may not be quite what you hoped for:
The House is set to vote on the Republican health-care plan on Thursday, and even with the tweaks lawmakers have been making to it, passage looks iffy.

Moreover, if it does pass, the bill’s prospects in the Senate aren’t good. But before Senate Republicans can come up with their own version of the health-care legislation, they have a Supreme Court nominee to approve.

Then, if the Senate can pass a bill of its own, there will be a House-Senate conference to resolve differences.

It is a process that would come with significant hurdles even in normal times, much less today’s distraction-riddled political climate. At the least, the health-care bill could be sitting on Capitol Hill for a long time.
Granted, it can take a long time to get anything done in Washington. But not as long to mess up a good idea...

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