Thursday, March 23, 2017

Web Control

The regulators are still at it:
Using the "altFEC" twitter account, one of several "alt" sites set up by government workers in agencies resisting the new Trump administration, the proponents reference Ravel's critical report.

"It means that the @FEC's disclosure rules have not been updated for the era of YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter," it said, reiterating charges from Ravel and others that the FEC rules are outdated. She led the effort to change them and Republicans on the commission said that her goal was only to regulate right-leaning websites, like Drudge, and online campaigns of Republicans.

"altFEC is attacking the GOPers' original vote to apply the internet exemption to a conservative organization," said an insider, noting that Republicans pushed to keep regulations from internet sites in order to maintain its free-wheeling style.
Which I kind of thought was the point of the Internet...

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