Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Why the Department of Education is a dinosaur:
The DOE was created in 1980 by President Jimmy Carter, basically to satisfy the teachers’ unions, and is little more than a social engineering organization, constantly promoting big government ideology through new regulations which cost taxpayers a lot and adds little value to students. The DOE consumed $78 billion in fiscal year 2016 in discretionary and mandatory spending only to have a minimal impact at best.

It may seem unimaginable but education existed in the United States before President Jimmy Carter. Prior to the establishment of the DOE, graduation rates were higher, student debts and college tuitions were lower, and there was more skilled labor in the workforce. So what value has the DOE added? It appears to be another example of an unnecessary federal agency, this time, tragically, impacting our schools and children.

The American education system needs to evolve to meet 21st century challenges, and this starts at the DOE. Cutting unnecessary regulations would lower tuition costs and make college more affordable. Eliminating wasteful programs like the Community Services Block Grant, an exercise in failure costing taxpayers $715 million per year, would be a good start. This program is so bad even the Obama administration wanted to get rid of it.
So why didn't they?

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