Friday, April 14, 2017

Reds Versus Reds

Never trust socialists to fight other socialists:
The Socialist International has invested so heavily in supporting Venezuela’s opposition for the simple reason that a number of MUD coalition parties are also members of the SI, and among the Vice Presidents of the organization is Henry Ramos Allup, the head of the Democratic Action Party (AD), both an SI and MUD member.

Four SI members parties operate in Venezuela: (AD), Popular Will, Movement for Socialism (MAS), and A New Era (UNT). Three of the four are members of the MUD. The fourth, Popular Will, advocates in their manifesto for the second-generation human rights popularized at the United Nations by the Soviet Union: “the right to a comfortable home… the right to fresh food, potable water, health care, and medicine… the right to education.”

The result of this relationship between the SI and the allegedly anti-socialist Venezuelan opposition has been a stunted attempt at restoring fundamental rights and freedoms. With its undue respect to the constitution of Venezuela – implemented by Hugo Chávez in 1999 – and failed dialogue with Maduro, the MUD has been the target of increasing frustration on the part of opposition leaders unaffiliated to the SI, like the aforementioned Capriles and legislator María Corina Machado. This socialist infiltration has not only paralyzed the opposition but threatens to deform the future of a Venezuela without Maduro into something that looks quite a bit like the country’s present and recent past.
You can't have it both ways...

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