Friday, May 12, 2017

Chronic Cash

Booze and weed for sale?
Democratic Mayor Jim Kenny made the suggestion during a local radio interview Wednesday, explaining it will benefit Philadelphia and the state by making it harder for minors to access the substance. Support for the decriminalization or legalization of recreational marijuana is building among lawmakers in the state, but many are still wary of taking action until their medical marijuana program, signed into law in April 2016, is fully implemented, reports Penn Live.

Kenny is a longtime advocate of marijuana legalization and argues it would rake in huge revenue for the state, money that currently flows to the black market.

“The hardest place to get served underage in Philadelphia when I was growing up was a Pennsylvania state liquor store,” Kenny said Wednesday, according to Penn Live. “To me, we have the perfect system to set up the legal recreational use of cannabis through a controlled state store system, allowing the state to capture all the income that is going to the underground.”
They might be able to make a fortune on munchies alone...

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