Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Music For Airports

All that airline jazz?
The airports’ arrangements with musicians vary. Most pay the performers, although rates may depend on experience, the size of the group and even the difficulty of the genre. Funding comes from a combination of sources. An airport authority may join forces with a corporate partner or a state or municipal arts commission. Houston Airport System has an enterprise fund for operations, maintenance and capital improvements.

While passengers say they appreciate the unexpected interludes, and musicians’ earnings and fan bases may receive a lift from the programs, airports’ decisions to offer performing arts are largely for their own benefit, said Steven A. Carvell, a professor at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

“Arts are one of the few things an airport authority can do to control the traveler experience,” he said. “They take the traveler out of the space they are in, so they are not attending to their anxiety.”
That'll come with the rest of the flight...

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