Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey The Criminal?

Did James Comey break the law?
“Comey – the nation’s top intelligence official – admitted under oath that he leaked privileged documents to a friend to give to reporters at the New York Times,” Sekulow wrote in the article. “Memos that he had written in the course of his official government duties about privileged conversations with the President. The reason: Comey testified that he did so to manipulate the situation and force the appointment of a Special Counsel. (And, as we know – that’s ultimately what occurred.)”

“Comey’s admission that he is a leaker also raises serious legal questions,” Sekulow also wrote later in his article. “In my view, Comey broke the law: 18 U.S.C. § 641 provides that it is a federal crime to, without authority, convey a record of the United States, in this case an FBI record he admits under oath he leaked after being fired.”

On Friday evening, during an interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, Sekulow leveled the charge again.

“Here’s the real issue,” Sekulow said. “The contents of that memo [Comey sent to the New York Times], the substance of it, anyways, was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything. And then, Sean, he goes under oath and says, ‘I did this to get a special counsel’ — which by the way — is impaneled the next day!”

“Outrageous!” Hannity said.

“No, no,” Sekulow continued. “It’s more than outrageous. It’s a crime.”
Sounds like something that ought to actually be investigated...

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