Friday, June 30, 2017

Footing The Climate Change Bill

Climate change taxes for thee, not for me:
In a recent report from the Rasmussen Poll titled, “Are Voters Willing To Pay To Combat Global Warming?”, a national telephone survey of registered voters found only 6 percent of Americans are willing to pay $1,000 or more annually in higher taxes and utility costs to subsidize the cost of adding more sustainable energy to fight global warming.

26 percent are willing to pay $300 a year, or $25 per month; another 24 percent are only willing to pay $100 a year, or $8.33 per month; 41 percent of Americans are not willing to pay anything more, or $0.00 per month; and 3 percent gave no answer.

The Hollywood forum’s supposed demonstration of bipartisanship conveniently never highlighted the additional costs Californians already pay to subsidize sustainable energy.
Going green always requires somebody else's green...

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