Friday, June 09, 2017

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The Sopranos finale, ten years later:

Chase’s commitment to keeping his open ending open — foreshadowed, in retrospect, by the still-missing Russian from “Pine Barrens” — led to a brand-new kind of finale: one with no ending at all. Instead of wrapping the series up in a neat and orderly fashion, The Sopranos flabbergasted viewers by declining to even try. This was the series’ latest — and perhaps greatest — innovation. Tony was a mobster unlike any we’d seen before, forcing fans to confront what it meant to romanticize a criminal, but he was still a mobster, and one explicitly positioned in the lineage of pop culture mobsters past. (Sil’s Godfather impression!) “Made in America” had no precedent to tweak. Relinquishing a now-or-never shot at resolution for sustained ambiguity remains The Sopranos’ most radical move among many.
Personally, I think the cat did it, or had it done...

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