Sunday, July 09, 2017

Bullies Never Prosper

She may finally be fired:
Mizzou officials are currently implementing a round of massive budget cuts and approximately 400 layoffs in the face of a projected 7.4 percent plunge in student enrollment and a $14.7 million state funding cut.

Basler’s name, photo and contact information no longer appear among the staff members in the student life section of the public school’s website.

A cached version of the same webpage from late June 2017 shows Basler — Dr. Janna Basler — listed first and foremost among Mizzou’s student life staffers. Basler had been the assistant director for Greek life at the time of the protests. (After getting suspended for over a month for her actions in 2015, she managed an impressive promotion to senior associate director for Greek life.)

On Thursday, Mizzou’s top brass announced a merger of its department of students of affairs and its division of operations as part of a larger plan to cope with new budget realities.
How far they fall, when it comes down to dollars and some common sense...

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