Thursday, July 27, 2017

Criminals For Hire

At the IRS, some things never change:
According to a report released on Thursday by the Treasury Department inspector general, more than 200 of 2,000 former IRS employees who were rehired between Jan. 2015 and March 2016 were previously “terminated from the IRS or separated while under investigation for a substantiated conduct or performance issue.”

Four of those 200 had previously been terminated or resigned for willful failure to file their tax returns; 15 had other tax issues; four were terminated for unauthorized access to taxpayer information; 13 had falsified documents, and another 86 were fired for various workplace infractions, such as absences, workplace disruption, or failure to follow instructions.

Those rehired employees worked in “positions with access to sensitive taxpayer information, such as contact representatives,” the report states.

In its investigation, the inspector general found that past IRS employment history is not provided to hiring officials during the hiring process. Of the more than 200 former employees who were rehired, 27 failed to disclose a previous firing or conviction on their application.
Corruption always needs criminals...

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