Saturday, July 22, 2017

Derpy Is As Derpy Does

Some people are just plain dumb:
Insulting someone for low intelligence is, by its very nature, what the left calls "ableist." You're describing them as being like someone who is mentally deficient in some manner, usually those who are mentally disabled. It's an insult, which makes the term a slur by its very nature.

And we need terms like that in our language.

Not all that long ago, we called people "retarded." But we were told that was insensitive to people who were mentally disabled, even though we weren't allowed to call them retarded anymore either, though the word means "slowed," which is actually an accurate description of their learning ability. We had to use different terms.

So, people started looking for terms that they could use without appearing insensitive, so "derpy" was coined. From the start, it was meant to belittle people, because, frankly, some people need to be belittled.
There are morons in the world (warning: NSFW):

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