Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hollywood Accents

Is a cartoon character racist?
The documentary follows several successful Hollywood players — including Kal Penn, star of “Designated Survivor” and who was appointed to former President Barack Obama’s White House Office of Public Liaison — who are also of Indian descent, and who expressed their distaste for “The Simpsons” character.

In the documentary, Kondabolu also interviewed Dana Gould, writer and co-executive producer of the hit show, who, about Apu’s character and his demeanor, said, “There are accents that, by their nature, to white Americans, sound funny. Period.”

“It’s ‘funny’ because it’s racist,” Kondabolu noted.

Whoopi Goldberg, who was also featured in the documentary, was asked by Kondabolu, “Does Apu count as a minstrel, since it’s brown paint, a white guy’s voice?”

Goldberg said that the elements for racism are all present in “The Simpsons,” and specifically in the character of Apu.
Hollywood is filled with phony types-and phony outrage...

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