Saturday, July 22, 2017

Some Women Are More Equal Than Others

Why do feminists hate successful women?
Dee Dee Myers and Dana Perino — two previous White House press secretaries who also happened to be female, and maybe … just maybe got the jobs because they are qualified — were celebrated, lauded for their groundbreaking work in a “man’s world.”

Sanders, however, seems to have gotten the rougher end of the stick, and because she had the audacity to accept a position that many women in the political arena would give their life for no matter what their political affiliation, she’s automatically forced to turn in her feminism card — if she even cared to carry one at all.

If conservatives or Republicans said even half of the things about prolific liberal Democrats in power that liberals have said about Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and now Sanders over the last six months and more, you’d have a liberal lynch mob on your hands.
Where's the real outrage over fake outrage?

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