Monday, July 31, 2017


Get your ashes to space?
It costs about $5,000 for a “burial” in low-Earth orbit, where a travel-shampoo-size urn can spin for years at 17,000 mph until it gradually descends into the white-hot re-entry atmosphere. That’s what was done with bits of “Star Trek” entertainment franchise creator Gene Roddenberry, and famed writer and psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary.

A thimble of ashes or DNA can be shot to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere for about $1,000.

These mostly symbolic services are widely viewed as oddities catering to highly imaginative nerds. But business is better than ever. Hundreds of Americans have already ordered space burials this year.

And the first privately funded payload to the moon is set to launch by early next year carrying ashes among its many other packages.
In space, no one can see your remains...

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