Monday, July 17, 2017

The Anti-Trump Stump

What does the Democratic Party stand for, if anything:
The poll found that Trump’s overall approval rating has dropped to 36 percent, down from 42 percent in April. His disapproval rating climbed five percentage points to 58 percent.

However, as the president’s poll numbers slip, Democrats are struggling to tell the American people what their core message is.

Just 37 percent of respondents said the Democratic Party stands for something, while 52 percent say the party mainly stands in opposition to Trump.

A majority of independent voters — 55 percent — said the Democratic party merely stands against the president. A majority of Democrats say their party stands for something, but over a quarter of Democrats — 27 percent — said the party mainly opposes Trump.

The vast majority of Republicans — 82 percent — said the Democrats just stand against Trump.
Standing for nothing is easier than standing for something most people wouldn't vote for...

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