Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Lost Party

Democrats struggle onward:
"The Democratic Party got fundamentally repositioned much farther to the left and out-of-touch with working class voters," Penn said. "Working class voters really want to see the values of hard work, family, religion as a strong part of a party that they can support for economic progress. And I think that they got left behind."

Figaro said the problem isn't that Democrats have lost their message, but that they lack the right messenger.

"Until we change the messenger of the message, we're just delivering more of the same," she said, arguing that messenger should not be someone like Hillary Clinton.

Penn pointed out that nearly three-quarters of Americans identify as moderate or conservative, while only approximately 27 percent identify as liberal. He argued that Democrats should cater to those moderate and conservative voters with a strong pro-growth economic agenda.

"The Democratic Party has got to bridge the gap here," Penn said. "Democrats could get back to winning if they combine the kind of zeal and passion for equality with a pro-growth economic policy. Let's bring back that kind of economic policy we saw with President Kennedy, we saw with President Clinton."
It's the message, stupid...

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