Wednesday, August 02, 2017

California Scheming

It's the new "bipartisanship":
California’s efforts are the latest in Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s legal campaign to “resist” the administration. All of the other states joining in the motion to intervene, except Iowa and Kentucky, are governed by Democrats.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of legislators calling themselves the “Problem Solvers” is working on a set of proposals to patch the failing Obamacare system. Their “fixes” include maintaining the insurance subsidies, raising the minimum number of employees for a firm to be forced to provide insurance from 50 to 500; and canceling the medical device tax. None of these proposals will solve Obamacare’s long-term problems, but will keep the policy alive for a little while longer while — theoretically, at least — holding back massive insurance premium increases.

California, the “model state” for Obamacare, is already facing a 12.5% increase in premiums next year, while many residents will lose their current insurance after Anthem Blue Cross quits the state’s “Covered California” program.
If you like your higher premiums, you can keep your higher premiums...

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