Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dead Votes Matter

The dead are always available:
Spieles job was to register as many voters as Democrats as possible. He then had to report his numbers back to Democratic headquarters in Harrisonburg.

Once Spieles received a completed voter registration form, he would log tracking information on each person (name, age, address, and political affiliation) and file the form with the registrar’s office.

A registrar employee contacted law enforcement in Aug. 2016 when they recognized a Rockingham County judge’s deceased father on one of the forms, WSET reported.

The registrar’s office looked into other voter registration forms Spieles submitted and found similarly falsified documents. Some forms had the name of deceased people. Other forms had incorrect middle names, birth dates and social security numbers.

The assistant registrar personally knew some of the people on the registration forms, which tipped them off to a crime.
He was only doing what the Democrats expected of him...

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