Friday, August 11, 2017

Kite Wars

The dangers of kite fighting:
The craze is now spreading across Britain, with kite flying enthusiasts holding competitions on beaches.

The AAIB on established that the kite involved in the helicopter incident probably came from Sandwich Bay beach where enthusiasts regularly fly.

Investigators noted: "Evidence from the nature of the damage to the helicopter and photographs taken at the probable kite flying location suggest that the kite string was coated with an abrasive substance.

"In a number of other countries, kite fighting is a competitive sport where the objective is to cut the string of an opponent’s kite.

"To facilitate the cutting action, the upper parts of the kite string may be coated with an abrasive substance. There is evidence that a number of different coastal locations in the United Kingdom are used for kite flying at heights above 60 m but the activity is not being notified."
Don't cross the lines...

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