Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ministers Without Approval

Nicolas Maduro is rapidly running out of neighbors:
The group of foreign ministers assembled in Peru said they would only recognize legal agreements approved by the real Venezuelan parliament, the National Assembly, in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution.

The Foreign Minister of Chile, Heraldo Muñóz, said he and his colleagues wanted to send a “firm statement” that they “will not tolerate military coups,” but also wished to maintain an “opening for dialogue” with the Maduro government. He also expressed a desire to work with the Venezuelan government to deliver humanitarian aid to its starving population.

Peruvian Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna said the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly is “incompatible with international law, human rights and democracy in this region.”

“The fading out of democratic institutions in recent times has reached its culmination and what we have in Venezuela is a dictatorship,” Luna declared
Socialism just doesn't seem to have the same appeal in the rest of South America these days...

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