Thursday, August 03, 2017

Poll Numbers Matter

Black Lives Matter, doesn't matter:
Fifty-seven percent of registered voters say they have an unfavorable opinion of Black Lives Matter protests and protesters, while only 43 percent say they have a favorable opinion.
Seventy percent of registered voters say that black on black crime in African American communities is a bigger problem today, while 30 percent say police violence towards African Americans is a bigger problem.
Fifty-six percent of voters think the police are too quick to use force, while 44 percent think the police typically only use force when necessary.
Sixty-four percent of voters think race affects police use of force, while 36 percent say race does not affect the use of force.
Fifty-four percent of voters say police are too quick to shoot African American suspects, while 46 percent say police engage with people of all races about the same.
Fifty percent of voters say the criminal justice system treats people of all races and ethnicities about the same, 50 percent say it is biased against African Americans and other minorities.
When you make it all about you, you alienate everyone else...

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