Friday, August 04, 2017

Rated G For Gender Stupidity

Chelsea Clinton wants a feminist film ratings system:
The proposed rating system sounds almost propagandistic. "Films designed for early childhood (between the ages of two and six) should depict boys and girls as friends and equals," The Economist reported. "By the time of early adolescence (between 11 and 13), films must demonstrate that worth is based on more than just physical beauty." Do most films not depict boys and girls as equals for young audiences?

CSM argued that parents "want help choosing content that better reflects the world we live in today," and cited research that "negative" gender representations on screen "can affect children's sense of self, relationships and career aspirations."

Apparently, teaching young children that marriage and family are valuable and presenting historically accurate pictures of relationships between the sexes is "negative." But the real controversy comes when evaluating Disney films.
Snow White should have never hung out with those short men...

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