Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Reform The Hard Way

The United Nations is suddenly interested in reform:
Guterres’ chief motivation, though he won’t say so explicitly, is the Trump Administration.

Instead, Guterres is arguing to U.N. member states what he told a town hall meeting of U.N. staffers in late July: that his version of reform is “an absolutely essential instrument for the protection of the U.N.” amid increasing international skepticism about the organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and even its reason for existence—all of which also happens to be true.

But as he coyly told the staffers: “When we see that these negative ideas are penetrating at some times, very high levels, at government levels—and I don’t need to explain what this means in relation to the neighborhood--it is very clear is that one thing we must do is project to the outside the idea that we are taking seriously this kind of criticism, and are doing our best to address it.”

Draft proposals for a hard-nosed Trump Administration look at all of its U.N. spending that leaked last January have never resurfaced officially--but U.N. bloat is under a gimlet eye in Washington, and the U.N.’s multibillion-dollar peacekeeping budget has already taken a sharp haircut on the watch of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, with more reductions likely soon.
Sometimes you need more than just a trim off the top...

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